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Contingency Plan for Active SU2C Grantees
Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

SU2C is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving conditions related to the novel COVID-19 pandemic and the demands and restrictions imposed on research institutions. SU2C is sensitive to the rapidly changing environment, while seeking to sustain its ongoing commitment to accelerate cancer research so all cancer patients may live a quality life as long-term survivors. SU2C urges grantees to follow the instructions of Federal, State and local authorities, as well as directives from their home institutions. Below, SU2C lays out modified schedules, guidance and requirements for all active grantees.

In-Person Team Meetings

  • The requirement that grantee teams meet in-person three times per year is waived for 2020.

Clinical Trials

  • Current expectations and requirements for clinical trial accrual are suspended and will be reinstated when deemed appropriate by the relevant Review Teams. SU2C understands and supports evolving institutional review board (IRB)-directed mandates to provide the best quality of care to all cancer patients participating in clinical research.
  • Changes to the status or protocol of a clinical trial due to the pandemic do not require prior approval of SU2C. Any changes and approvals due to the pandemic should be clearly documented in the summer Status Update and shall be detailed in the December/January 2020 Progress Report.
  • FDA guidance related to clinical trials can be found here.

Reporting Updates

  • Progress Report due dates will not be changed for summer 2020 but the scope of the report is limited to a “Status Update” including the impact of the pandemic on pre-clinical and clinical studies. Additional instructions will be provided in the coming weeks.
  • Review Visits and Symposia will remain as scheduled but may be conducted via video conference. Reviews may be postponed on a case-by-case basis as circumstances warrant.
  • Winter Progress Reports are required to propose a revised project milestone schedule and include any pandemic-related no cost extension requests.

Financial Considerations

  • Grant funds may continue to be used to cover salaries and benefits for Team members according to the approved budget and budget justification. As of March 20, 2020, no new team members may be added to the team roster without prior SU2C approval.
  • Grant funds may be used to cover the cost of animal care related to any ongoing or on-hold experiments supported by SU2C.
  • Pandemic-related losses due to experiments that were unable to be completed or expiration of reagents, cell cultures, or other materials specific to the SU2C-supported project may be charged to the SU2C grant.
  • Any SU2C grant-related travel that was canceled due to the pandemic may be charged to the SU2C grant.


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