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Posted April 29, 2020

Inspirational Story Q&A: Katherine Stuart

“I’m taking things I learned facing cancer to help support others who are struggling right now.” Katherine Stuart, currently in treatment for HER2-positive breast cancer.

1. Has COVID-19 impacted your treatment plan?
Thankfully my immune system is in really good shape as I continue to go in for treatment. My infusion center is small, and they are working on implementing all the precautionary guidelines to keep us all as safe as possible. I’ve also moved my appointments with my oncologist to teleconference for now.

2. How has facing cancer helped you deal with everything happening in the world right now?
It’s definitely made me more resilient. For me, it really comes down to focusing on what I can control and staying informed about what’s going on from reliable sources. I have rituals in place to give me a sense of routine, and I try to find a little bit of joy in every day.

3. How are you staying connected to others while staying home?
I’ve been cooking a lot and dropping off food for others in need. I’ve also had some wonderful phone conversations with friends I haven’t spoken to in years, along with daily phone check-ins with my close friends. I’ve also been able to take what I’ve learned facing cancer and help people in my circle deal with their own fear and anxiety as we all struggle with what’s going on right now.

4. What gives you hope?
It’s scary to think that my health could be impacted by the actions of a stranger, so I’m encouraged when I see people following guidelines and social distancing. I’m also filled with hope and gratitude for the healthcare workers. They are going to war for all of us right now and their courage is unbelievable.


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