Wurl Creates Mobile Video Channel for Any Publisher - Stand Up To Cancer


Posted December 15, 2011

Wurl Creates Mobile Video Channel for Any Publisher

Video publishers connect with mobile viewers to supercharge engagement

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – Wurl, a new online video engagement platform, launches today with a groundbreaking way for video publishers to build viewer loyalty among smartphone users. Backed with over $3 million in investment capital raised over the past 24 months, Wurl is poised to revolutionize mobile video viewing.

“It’s extremely difficult for publishers to build a loyal audience for their online video series. When viewers visit a publisher’s website or channel, they typically watch one or two videos and then forget to come back to watch new content,” says Wurl co-founder and CEO Sean
Doherty. “We created the Wurl video platform so that publishers can attract and retain a loyal mobile fan base for their video series.”

Any publisher or brand can build a network of followers simply by publicizing their “wrl.it” link – the unique short URL they receive from Wurl. Wrl.it links are the linchpin of the Wurl platform, providing one-click video following. Every time a new video is released, followers receive a notification – the new video is then available for on-demand streaming to their smartphone.

“Our Wrl.it links will enhance Stand Up To Cancer’s online and digital video presence, which – in turn – helps build our grassroots movement of supporters,” says Rusty Robertson, co-founder of Stand Up To Cancer, a charitable program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.  “Anyone who clicks our wrl.it link becomes a subscriber to all of our videos; it seamlessly engages them in a dialogue about how innovative science can end cancer.”

“Wrl.it links are central to our service architecture,” says David Martinez, Wurl co-founder and VP Engineering. “Wrl.it links can be accessed effortlessly through a button on a website, a link in a Facebook post – even by scanning a QR code.”

To kick off this new service, Wrl.it links will be simultaneously released today by Wurl’s launch partners and are expected to generate over 5 million wrl.it link impressions on social networks, emails, text messages and their websites. Launch partners include Stand Up To Cancer, NoLabels.org, PBS News Hour, Fora.tv, The Ripon Society, BIPAC, The Daily Caller, The Truman Project, and The Republican Senatorial Committee, and many more. More info about Wurl’s launch partners is available at wurl.com/partners.


Wurl is the first company to create a mobile subscription platform for video. Based in Palo Alto, California, Wurl is a free service that helps video publishers convert occasional viewers into loyal fans. The Wurl platform is open to any publisher, continually tracking each publisher’s video series and notifying followers when a new video is released. Learn more about Wurl at: http://wurl.com. To download the Wurl app for iOS or Android, just click any wrl.it link – for example: wrl.it/y/su2c.


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