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Posted February 26, 2019

SU2C Scientific Summit 2019: Cancer Early Detection and Interception Panel

By the time most patients enter treatment, their cancer is already well established, often making the disease much harder to treat. But what if the cancer could be discovered and treated before the cancer advances? That is the aim of the emerging field of cancer interception—to find and attack cancer cells at their earliest stages of development, when they are easiest to treat.

On Tuesday, January 29, a panel of scientists from leading research institutions explored this promising area of investigation during the 2019 Stand Up To Cancer Scientific Summit. Moderated by Nobel laureate and Vice Chair of the SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, the session included presentations from SU2C scientific leaders, researchers, and collaborators who are focused on advancing the science behind cancer interception, including techniques for identifying patients at highest risk for developing cancer, and identifying approaches to treat pre-cancerous lesions and to stop the formation or progression of cancer.

The panel is available below in 5 parts, with full audio and presentation slides.

Part 1: Introduction with Elizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD

Part 2: Modeling Risk on Pancreatic Cancer Detection – with Brian Wolpin, MD, MPH

Part 3: Cancer Research UK and Cancer Interception – with David Crosby, PhD

Part 4: I-SPY 2: Breast Cancer Treatment – with Laura Van ‘t Veer, PhD

Part 5: Creating A World Without Cancer – with William N. Hait, MD, PhD


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