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Posted April 16, 2020

Inspirational Story Q&A: Vanessa Delle Monache

“After all the time I’ve spent facing cancer, I feel like I’m an expert at social distancing. I understand why it’s so important.” – Vanessa Delle Monache, a two-time cancer survivor from Ontario.

1. How has facing cancer given you a unique perspective on the coronavirus pandemic?

Having been through treatment twice now, I’m fairly used to social distancing. I had to be careful not to get sick in between treatments and I also didn’t feel well most of the time, so I stayed home and practiced social distancing a lot. It forced me to learn how to be happy at home and find ways to focus on the positives.

2. Are you concerned about your COVID-19 risk?

When it comes to my health, I’m not taking any chances. It’s not worth it. My body has been through a lot and is still continuing to heal. I know that my immune system is compromised so I’m staying home and following protective guidelines.

3. How are you taking care of yourself at home?

I’m focusing on what I have instead of what I don’t. Which means, I’m exercising, spending time with my husband, staying connected to family and friends virtually, and continuing to share my story on my blog.

4. Who do you Stand Up for?

I Stand Up for anyone who is facing cancer right now and everyone that’s felt the impacts of this disease. I can’t imagine having to go through treatment alone or having a treatment plan delayed because of COVID-19. I hope that we can all Stand Up To Cancer right now by staying in the comfort of our own homes. I know that if we do that now, we can all be together again soon.


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